Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Legal representation for sexual abuse victims

A recent flood of scandals has brought the issue of sexual abuse to the public mind. The public treats each new report of abuse as if it were some sort of reality television story to be consumed and then, in a matter of days or weeks, forgotten.

We understand that recovering from sexual abuse is a process that will take the victim the rest of his or her life. It’s a matter of reclaiming your identity and your ability to guide your own life. We have the determination to put the victim back at the center of the process, as a person with dignity to be treated with compassion.

Sexual abuse is an especially horrific offense because the victims are often children, and the offenders are often people in positions of responsibility and authority, including parents and stepparents, clergy, scoutmasters, sports coaches, foster-care guardians, and teachers. Pursuing a legal action against the abuser can be a positive step toward recovering your identity and self-determination.

Our unique approach

Sexual abuse is not only a personal injury offense — it’s a crime, punishable under state laws. Our coalition has a history of cooperating with local and state prosecutors to hold the abuser responsible under both civil and criminal law. Paul Lauricella, one of our trial lawyers, formerly served as an assistant district attorney, strengthening our insight into the criminal justice system. We can work hand-in-hand with police and prosecutors to make sure they are moving forward in their investigations and sharing evidence with us.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the specific needs of our client. We have broad experience dealing with the publicity of high-profile cases, and we know how to prevent the press from victimizing our client. You can trust us to safeguard your privacy.

Preserving your rights — and your dignity

The victim of child sexual abuse faces an ongoing challenge. It is easy — so very easy — to fall into a pattern where your history of abuse defines you for the rest of your life. The abusive history colors all your future relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Overcoming that trauma is not an easy task. A lawsuit against your abuser isn’t the answer, but it can be part of the answer. A lawsuit is a way to hold the abuser responsible for the harm he inflicted on your life. It can be a positive step toward recovering ownership of your own life.

Laws in every state establish a “statute of limitations” that sets the maximum time to sue in a civil action based on that event. The statute of limitations law for cases of sexual abuse generally, and for cases involving sexual abuse of children specifically, are different in each state. Consult with our sex abuse attorneys to learn whether you still have time to sue the perpetrator of sexual abuse in your case. Even if you believe that the statute of limitations has expired, there may be an exception that we are aware of that will serve to extend the expiration of your time to sue by many years.

Contact us. We can help.

Sexual abuse cases are often time-sensitive. As each day passes, memories fade, evidence and records may be lost, and the resolve to face the abuser may weaken. Prompt action is usually the best course.

We’re ready to help you. We offer a free consultation about your case—call us at (855) 880-6667 or complete the form to the right. You can be rest assured that your call will be kept confidential and is protected by the attorney client privilege. One of our experienced legal professionals will evaluate your options and get in touch with you at a convenient time. No obligation is created by this consultation — you can still choose to walk away. But if you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you owe it to yourself to examine the legal options available to you.