Pennsylvania Clergy Abuse: Offender Names by Diocese

Published on August 21, 2018

The following clergymen were identified as sexual “offenders” by the Pennsylvania grand jury. They are listed by Diocese.

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Allentown Diocese Abuse

Thomas J. Bender, Reverend

Thomas J. Benestad, Monsignor

Robert G. Cofenas, Reverend

David Connell, Reverend

Timothy Johnson, Reverend

Jim Gross

James Gaffney, Reverend

Joseph Galko, Reverend

Edward George Ganster, Reverend

Francis T. Gillespie, Reverend

Richard J. Guiliani

Joseph D. Hulko, Reverend

William E. Jones, V. F., Monsignor

Michael S. Lawrence, Reverend

Joseph H. Kean, Reverend

Thomas J. Kerestus, Reverend

Francis Joseph McNelis, Reverend

Gabriel Patil, Reverend

Henry Paul, Reverend

Paul G. Puza, Reverend

Dennis A. Rigney, Reverend

Joseph A. Rock, Reverend

Gerald Royer, Reverend

Charles J. Ruffenach, Reverend

  1. Pascal Sabas, Reverend

William J. Shields, Reverend

Stephen F. Shigo, Reverend

David A. Soderlund, Reverend

Henry E. Strassner, V.F., Reverend

Bruno M. Tucci, Reverend

  1. Gregory Uhrig, Reverend

Andrew Aloysius Ulincy, Reverend

Ronald Yarrosh, Reverend

Joseph A. Zmijewski, D.D., Reverend

Erie Diocese Abuse

Michael J. Amy, Reverend

Michael G. Barletta, Reverend

Donald C. Bolton, C.S.S.R., Father

Robert F. Bower, Reverend

Dennis Chludzinski, Reverend

Donald Cooper, Father

Michael Robert Freeman, Father

Gregory P. Furjanic, Reverend

Robert E. Hannon, Father

James P. Hopkins, Monsignor

Barry M. Hudock, Father

Joseph W. Jerge, Reverend

Stephen E. Jeselnick, Father

Thomas C. Kelley, Reverend

Gary L. Ketcham, Father

Thaddeus Kondzielski, Father

Gerard Krebs, Father

Jerry (John) Kucan, Father

Louis Lorei, Monsignor

Salvatore P. Luzzi, Father

Richard D. Lynch, Father

Daniel Martin, Monsignor

Leon T. Muroski, Reverend

Edmundus Murphy, Brother

John L. Murray, Reverend

Giles L. Nealen, O.S.B., Father

Jan Olowin, Father

Andrew Pawlaczyk, Father

John A. Piatkowski, Reverend

David L. Poulson, Father

John Philip Schanz, Father

Samuel B. Slocum, Reverend

Thomas Snyderwine, Monsignor

John Tome, Seminarian

Patrick Vallimont, Father

Greensburg Diocese Abuse

Dennis Dellamalva, Father

Gregory Flohr, Father

Charles B. Guth, Father

Francis Lesniak, Father

Henry J. Marcinek, Father

Fabian G. Oris, Father

George R. Pierce, Father

Gregory F. Premoshis, Father

Thomas W. Rogers, Father

Leonard Sanesi, Father

Roger A. Sinclair, Father

Joseph L. Sredzinski, Father

John T. Sweeney, Father

Joseph A. Tamilowski, Reverend

Roger J. Trott, Father

Charles Weber, O.S.B., Father

Harrisburg Abuse

Francis J. Allen, Reverend

John G. Allen, Reverend

Francis A. Bach, Reverend

Jesus Barajas, Reverend

Richard J. Barry, Reverend

James Beeman, Reverend

John Bostwick, Reverend

Donald Cramer, Reverend

Walter Emala, Reverend

Paul R. Fisher, Reverend

Donald “Tim" Hackman, Deacon

  1. Ronald Haney, Reverend

John Herber, Reverend

Hower, Philip

Kevin Kayda, Reverend

Edward Konat, Reverend

George Koychick, Reverend

Thomas Kujovsky, Reverend

Thomas Lawler, Reverend

Robert Logue, Reverend

David H. Luck, Reverend

Monsignor Robert Maher, Reverend

Daniel Mahoney, Reverend

Guy Marsico, Reverend

John M. McDevitt, Reverend

Anthony McGinley, Reverend

James McLucas, Reverend

Ibarra Mercado, Reverend

Charles Procopio, Reverend

Guido Miguel Quiroz Reyes, OFM, Reverend

James Rush, Deacon

Bryan Schlager

Herbert Shank, Reverend

Patrick Shannon, Reverend

Timothy Sperber, Reverend

Carl J. Steffen, Reverend

Frederick Vaughn, Reverend

Salvatore V. Zangari, Reverend

Pittsburgh Abuse

James R. Adams, Reverend

James L. Armstrong, Reverend

John M. Bauer, Reverend

John E. Brueckner, Reverend

Leo Burchianti, Reverend

Robert Castelucci, Reverend

Mauro James Cautela, Reverend

Charles J. Chatt, Reverend

Anthony J. Cipolla, Reverend

John P. Connor, Reverend

John David Crowley, Reverend

Richard Deakin, Reverend

Ferdinand B. Demsher, Reverend

Myles Eric Diskin, Reverend

Richard J. Dorsch, Father

David F. Dzermejko, Reverend

John P. Fitzgerald, Reverend

Joseph M. Ganter, Reverend

John A. Genizer, Reverend

Charles R. Ginder, Reverend

James G. Graham, Reverend

William Hildebrand, Brother

John S. Hoehl, Reverend

James Hopkins, Reverend

John J. Huber, Reverend

Edward G. Huff, Reverend

Edward Joyce, Monsignor

Marvin Justi, Reverend

Bernard J. Kaczmarczyk, Reverend

Joseph D. Karabin, Reverend

John Keegan, Brother

Henry Krawczyk, Reverend

Edward L. Kryston, Reverend

Anujit Kumar, Reverend

George Kurutz, Reverend

Fidelis Lazar, Reverend

Albert Leonard, Reverend

Casimir F. Lewandowski, Reverend

John P. Maloney, Reverend

Julius May, Brother

Dominic McGee, Reverend

Donald W. Mcllvane, Reverend

Thomas McKenna, Reverend

Albert McMahon, Reverend

John H. McMahon, Reverend

Frank Meder, Brother

Arthur R. Merrell, Reverend

Joseph Mueller, Reverend

Lawrence O’Connell, Reverend

Thomas M. O’Donnell, Reverend

William P. O’Malley, III, Reverend

George Parme, Reverend

Paul E. Pindel, Reverend

Francis Pucci, Reverend

John W. Rebel, Reverend

Raymond R. Rhoden, Reverend

Carl Roemele, Reverend

Michael C. Romero, Reverend

Oswald E. Romero, Reverend

David Scharf, Reverend

Richard Scherer, Reverend

Raymond T. Schultz, Monsignor

Francis Siler, Reverend

Rudolph M. Silvers, Reverend

Edward P. Smith, Reverend

James E. Somma, M.Ed., Reverend

Bartley A. Sorensen, Reverend

Robert E. Spangenberg, C.S.Sp., Reverend

Paul G. Spisak, Reverend

Lawrence F. Stebler, Reverend

Richard Gerard Terdine, Reverend

Charles Thomas, Reverend

John William Wellinger, Reverend

Joseph S. Wichmanowski, Reverend

George A. Wilt, Reverend

Robert G. Wolk, Reverend

William B. Yockey, Reverend

Theodore P. Zabowski, Reverend

Scranton Diocese Abuse

Philip A. Altavilla, Reverend

Girard F. Angelo, Reverend

Joseph P. Bonner, Reverend

Martin M. Boylan, Reverend

Robert J. Brague, Reverend

Francis T. Brennan, Reverend

Joseph Bucolo, Reverend

Gerald J. Burns, Monsignor

Anthony P. Conmy, Reverend

Peter Crynes, Monsignor

Raymond L. Deviney, Reverend

Donald J. Dorsey, Reverend

John M. Duggan, Reverend

John J. Dzurko, Reverend

James F. Farry, Reverend

James F. Fedor, Reverend

Ralph N. Ferraldo, Reverend

Angelus Ferrara, Reverend

Austin E. Flanagan, Reverend

Joseph D. Flannery, Reverend

Martin J. Fleming, Reverend

Robert J. Gibson, Reverend

Joseph G. Gilgallon, Monsignor

Joseph A. Griffin, Reverend

  1. Lawrence Homer, Reverend

Mark A. Honart, Reverend

Joseph F. Houston, Reverend

Francis G. Kulig, Reverend

Albert M. Libertore, Jr., Reverend

John A. Madaj, Reverend

James M. McAuliffe, Reverend

Neil McLaughlin, Reverend

Joseph F. Meighan, Reverend

Russell E. Motsay, Reverend

James F. Nolan, Reverend

  1. Jeffrey Paulish, Reverend

John A. Pender, Reverend

Mark T. Rossetti, Reverend

Edward J. Shoback, Reverend

Thomas P. Shoback, Reverend

John J. Tamalis, Reverend

Virgil B. Thetherow Reverend

Robert M. Timchak, Reverend

Lawrence P. Weniger, Reverend

Joseph B. Wilson, Reverend

Society of St. John Abuse

Christopher R. Clay, Reverend

Carlos Urrutigoity, Reverend

Benedict J. Van der Putten, Reverend

Abuse Linked to the Philadelphia Area

Richard J. Barry, Reverend (Harrisburg Diocese)

  • Allegedly abused a young boy in the Philadelphia area

Joseph Bucolo, Reverend (Scranton Diocese)

  • Allegedly abused a child on a vacation at the Jersey Shore

John P. Connor, Reverend (Pittsburgh Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area postings: Francis of Assisi, Vineland, NJ (1962); St. Mary, Gloucester City (1966); Paul VI High School, Haddon Township, NJ (1966); St. Rose of Lima, Haddon Heights, NJ (1966); Bishop Eustace Preparatory School, Pennsauken, NJ (1970-85)

Paul R. Fisher, Reverend (Harrisburg Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area posting: Norbert, Paoli (1995-97)

Augustine Giella, Reverend (Harrisburg Diocese)

  • Lived in Ocean County, NJ and allegedly had a “trophy room” of his victims

Charles R. Ginder, Reverend (Pittsburgh Diocese)

  • Allegedly abused a boy in Philadelphia

James Hopkins, Reverend (Pittsburgh Diocese))

  • Philadelphia-area posting: Diocese of Camden

Fabian G. Oris, Reverend (Greensburg Diocese)

  • Allegedly abused a preteen in Atlantic City

Henry Paul, Reverend (Allentown Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area postings: St. Joachim, Philadelphia (~1979)

Gregory F. Premoshis, Reverend (Greensburg Diocese)

  • Allegedly abused a teenage boy in Atlantic City

William Presley, Reverend (Erie Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area posting: St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia (1976-77)

Gerald Royer, Reverend (Allentown Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area posting: Mary of the Assumption, Philadelphia (1954-55)

Charles J. Ruffenach, Reverend (Allentown Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area posting: Mary of the Assumption, Philadelphia (1931-34)

Robert E. Spangenberg (Pittsburgh Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area postings: Holy Ghost Preparatory School, Bensalem (1974); St. Peter Claver, Philadelphia (1993-94)

Joseph A. Zmijewski, Reverend (Allentown Diocese)

  • Philadelphia-area posting: Ladislaus, Philadelphia (1938-42)